Rhonda Brighton-Hall

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Determined Optimist | Human

My life and career merged a while back.

Love people and all the crazy potential every single one of us brings.

Especially love the people side of business and work. I’ve never felt the need to reframe that in fancier or more technical words. People are businesses. In fact, at the heart, that’s all businesses are – a bunch of people working together towards common goals. And “working” matters. It’s such an important part of all our lives. And our contribution, is the only part of any business that has unlimited potential.

I’ve spent my career on the people stuff, working with some of the biggest and best companies all around the world, but I’ve always thought – “we could do this better. We could make work (and leadership) better for all of us – more inclusive, more real, and more ‘human’.

So, here we are doing just that.

I fundamentally believe that inclusion, good leadership and treating each other as equals, is not only foundational for good people practices in organisations, but equally of more equitable and prosperous economies and communities. In short, if we include as many people as possible in work, then we start to build the sort of community and society we all want to live in.

Behind the scenes, if you could see my ‘real resume’, you’d know I grew up in Wollongong (‘the Gong’), and as such I inherited that ‘work very hard and be straightforward’ work ethic. I don’t step back from either.

Away from work – I’m a wife, a mum, a friend, a person who likes to laugh, and a great lover of the ocean.