Where it matters most

Systemic bias in healthcare has come to the forefront during the pandemic. Bias & microaggression education is not just a nice to have, it is NEEDED.

With a significantly improved simulation quality, our simulations are primed to tackle this problem.

We are establishing strategic partnerships to develop and deploy our immersive learning to key strategic industries across Health and Tech.

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Reinventing the Technology

In 2020, we were sought after to make real difference for the BLM movement, with ViacomCBS.

We adapted our training to be work-from-home friendly for a new post-pandemic world. We made our virtual training run in web browsers, without needing a headset. Our character graphics pipeline was completely revolutionized for more realistic and lively human characters.

With the help of The Ageing Revolution team our production quality and co-design capabilities 10x'd.

Our innovation saw us highlighted amongst the VR industry's top innovators to watch.


Global Impact

In 2019, our reputation was established as best in the international market with numerous awards & recognitions.

Winning Learning Technology of the Year by the Industry of Learning Professionals, with our partner, Carlton United Breweries.

We opened up a library of our existing VR experiences online. Customers integrated them into their own D&I programs all over the world. From the largest organizations in the world, to high schools


Proved it worked

2018 was the year of measured results. Our training for Domain, Port Macquarie Council and Commonwealth Bank showed our hypotheses correct.

We saw an NPS score increase from traditional methods of +50points. Three key data points showed:

  • 99.2% understood how it felt to receive discrimination.

  • 96% felt prepared to act if they were to see this behavior in the workplace.

  • Over 99% understand the reporting options available to them.


The leap of faith

In 2017, we were pioneering an industry as the first and only company in the world creating VR for Diversity & Inclusion, starting off in the space of sexual harassment, gender bias, culture bias and disability bias

We took a risk, and so did our first clients. Our hypotheses was virtual reality could get far more effect results than traditional methods. The Cerebral Palsy Alliance, and The Royal Australian Navy had the foresight to see the potential of our technology too, and jumped onboard this opportunity right away.


A great idea

In 2016, we had an idea to create virtual reality unconscious bias training. Building an award winning prototype around gender bias in the workplace, and becoming the #1 VR app for business.