Equal Reality is built of community builders and change makers. Our team are global serial social entrepreneurs coming from a diverse but strong background of, game developers, psychologists, scientists, behavioral experts, educators, engineers, artists & nurses.

From Silicon Valley & London to Vietnam & rural Australia. From the worlds biggest organizations, to the fastest growing.

We build our team and community upon the values of

  • Effective. We prioritize for the highest ROI with our team, processes and product. Using metrics to be results driven in an ongoing way

  • Leaders. Our products are objectively good, and internationally recognized as the best. People want our insights as leaders, and we are happy to share. We lead by example, and are proud and supportive that people want to copy us.

  • Impact. Impact needs scale. We are hugely scalable, accessible and get measurable results. We build with everyone in mind.

  • Integrity. We are authentic, as is our product content. We genuinely care, and always strive to do the right thing.

  • Lean. We are high performers, flexible and agile. We use technology to scale our output. Our profit per employee is insanely high . We strategize, plan, make good decisions and execute. We do not manage.

  • Culture We are opening minded, with strong opinions, weakly held. We are flexible and inclusive. We genuinely care about our mission and values, and lead with them by example.We value work-life balance, and have an op-in vulture. You put in is what you get out.

  • Community: We are open and transparent with an abundance / growth mentality. We leverage partnerships for scale. Our community is Inclusive, professional and highly credible.

Our team, and community is nearly entirely remote and has been for a few years. This flexibility attracts the right people, provide stability and we believe is the future of work.

Together we share a vision of a world where immersive technology helps the human race progress compassion, knowledge, and understanding, and we work towards our mission to instilling inclusive culture through responsible progression of exponential technology.

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The Tech Team

Brennan Hatton

Co-Founder & CTO

Roy Dadivas

Computer Graphics Artist

Crystal Nugent

Project Design & Lipsync

Clement Chan

Audio Engineer

Jake Mander

Motion Capture & Animation

Brendan Mooney

VR Development

Danae Lowe

3D Graphics Artist

Paul Frame

VR Design and Development

The Client & Co-design Team

Rick Martin

Co-Founder & CEO

Leonie Sanderson

Co-design, Tech & Empathy Advisor

Simon Lowe

Head of Partnerships & People

James Hancock

Partnerships & Learning USA

Christine Mudavanhu

Diversity and Inclusion Partner

Sarah Liyanage Denney

Diversity and Inclusion Partner

Rhonda Brighton-Hall

D&I Adviser

Our Community

Our community is a international group of world leaders supporting us grow and learn.

We are in over 50 locations world wide.

On all major continents except Antarctica.

In 13+ counties.

We test our experiences with people from as many different backgrounds, heritage, ethnicity and ability levels as we can.

From users who are over 90, to blind users.