2020 Q1

Public News

It has been a busy few months for our team, with some big changes, and huge leaps forward.

Our team is more collaborative, productive, transparent, experienced than ever, and we are moving fast!

Executive Summary

This year we will be focusing on building sustainability and scale. Our team has grown to in preparation for this, and we are in the process of opening our communications externally to further support this.

Our production process have had a huge revamp, improving transparency, and quality, while reducing our costs and times. This has enabled us to make some significant technology improvements.

We have taken the learning from running training all over the globe, to reassess the market needs and design a new product line, to be more scalable and impactful. In the last few months we have run or built training for CUB, NTUC , Cornell , GSK , Booz Allen Hamilton, ABinBev, ITCILO in Italy, Singapore, UK, US, Chile, Australia and more. Our team has received international recognition as a leader in the industry with numerous awards, and press. We are starting to open source much of our award winning learning to keep pushing the industry forward.

In this update we will cover:

  • Strategy & Planning
  • Team Growth
  • Transparency & Communication Improvements
  • Technology Advances
  • New Products
  • Training Run
  • Hygiene & Safety
  • Public VR Learning Guides
  • Awards Received
  • JFF Labs 2020 Immersive Learning Technology Industry Scan
  • Recent Press

Strategy & Planning

This year is building sustainable growth. Our leadership, and core team spent some time together focusing on creating a plan for the next year, than broke that down into the next 90 days.

Last month we revisited our plan, to prepare for the current 90 day period, focusing on:

  • Planning & Certainty
  • New Product
  • Lead a growing market

For those with access to the inside of our team, read more here

Thanks to our flexible & inclusive working style, including remote work and partnering styles many of our long term partners have now come on in a closer capacity. We also have some new additions. Meet the incredible people now on our team.

Transparency & Communication Improvements

Improving workflow, and communications that stay stable during a world pandemic through remote work and open source.

  • Public Online Documentation
  • Open Communications
  • Regular Check-in's
  • Production Processes

We will be detailing some more of how we do this in the future.

Content Production

In Oct 2019 - Jan 2020 we revamped our production processes, with more transparency to reduce costs, and improve output.

We have made a list of all the VR empathy training our team has developed, and it is quite extensive. Covering 11 different topics and minorities.

Our most recent production, Everyday Inclusion is currently in private beta

Technology Advances

Some huge leaps in tech, from our most recent project 'Everyday Inclusion' with Cornell University. Including improved visuals for

  • Oculus Quest Support, for wireless, portable, roomscale VR!
  • Finger Controls, so you can move your fingers about in VR!
  • Characters models are now more realistic, and interactive
  • Full body animations, for body language
  • Facial expressions
  • Improved speech animations
  • Improved audio, better voice acting, 3D sound, environment sound, and special effects
  • Special Effects for Body Transfer, environment transitions and more!
  • New Environments

New Products

A new product line giving the market what everyone has been asking for!

  • Free Demo. With documentation on how to make the most of it.
  • Workshop in-a-box. Everything you need to run a workshop, and make the most of VR training. From internal workshops to conferences.
  • Learning Program. A completely scalable learning program to roll out across an organization.

We will be a launching a new website with more information soon.

Training Run

Run training all over the world, with leading names in social innovation.

CUB, NTUC , Cornell , GSK , Booz Allen Hamilton, ABinBev, ITCILO in Italy, Singapre, UK, US, Chile, Australia and more.

In the wake on recent events, we have published some guidelines on how to run VR with hygiene and safety in mind. Including

  • What to buy.
  • How to clean the hardware.
  • Things to keep in mind for running training.
Oculus Quest - Hygiene Best Practices

We have started producing more learning guides, and making them public. Including

  • Hardware Buying Guides
  • How to Run Your First VR Experience
  • Hygiene and Safety with VR

and more

Our team has been honored with numerous awards, and we have finally aggregated our awards favorites in a list. Last year, two our of favorites are:

  • Learning Technology of the Year 2019
  • Invention of the Year 2019 & more

We are humbled to be recognized as one of the top training companies in the world.

In the leading VR learning industry report by JFFLabs, sponsored by Walmart, we were selected in the top 11 innovators to watch out chosen from over 300 VR training companies across the globe. This list has our direct competitors (and comparables).

Are you looking to build VR soft skills training ?