In Groups & Out Groups

In Groups & Out Groups designed in collaboration with Carlton United Breweries (CUB), is part of the multi-award winning learning and deveopment program We're All In, featuring two VR applications.

Both focused on the topic of Inclusion, each focused on a unique set of key biases.

In Groups & Out Groups has three parts:

  • An empathy experience in which the player learns of decisions being made outside of business hours and receives biased feedback when advocating to be included.

  • A data scene that displays real-time feedback on bias identification and more.

  • A reflection scene in which the player is given space to reflect on their experience and is left with closing thoughts and/or takeaways.

In Groups & Out Groups

You are a brewing manager. In this scene, you run into your colleagues in the office kitchenette and learn of critical decisions being made outside of office hours. Experience what it is like to be left out of the loop and receive biased feedback when advocating to be included.

Explore what it feels like to be part of the out group - excluded, then patronized and minimized due to gender bias and other inappropriate behavior.

How does it feel when your teammates witness and participate in biased behavior without acknowledgement or awareness?

Key Biases

  • Decisions made outside of standard business hours

  • In-group / Out-group

  • Gender Bias