2020 Q3 News

Virtual Reality for #BlackLivesMatter

Leading Support for the #BlackLivesMatter Movement with Virtual Reality

Unpacking Bias with an American Multinational Mass Media Conglomerate

In a project born out of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, with the goal of deepen awareness and understanding of others’ experiences that may be different than one’s own. The project provides a shared and immersive experience resulting in honest and vulnerable conversations around bias and inclusion.

This is an initiative to form part of a greater Diversity and Inclusion initiative, launching in a Diversity and Inclusion week last week.

Improved Accessibility

The pandemic has created demand for better experiences at home. As a result we have leveraged our embodiment methods for virtual reality, to make them run as a web app “flatscreen simulations” improving accessibility. We have seen a enthusiastically uptake around the world for this new technology we have created, including projects supporting culture change for #BlackLivesMatter. Going forward we see both flatscreen and VR being a big part of our offerings.

We want to highlight and thank our incredible partners who helped make this project come to life

Everyday Inclusion with an Ivy League

In another project led by a team of diversity and inclusion experts at an Ivy League University. From the beginning in early 2019, we knew it was going to be one of our most important project yet and we needed to stretch ourselves to be more innovative than ever before. We completely reinvented our technology to reach new heights of achievement, running on the Oculus Quest and in the Web Browser.

A year later we are proud to see this projects completion, hitting the mark just in time to address the topics of racial discriminations and issues much of the word is facing.

"the virtual reality has been designed for people who are hearing impaired or deaf by using subtitles and high-quality visuals. "

An important aspect of all of our projects is collaboration and partnerships with experts and people who experience discrimination. During the project, we wanted to build a virtual reality system for those with and without sight.

We are really proud of this application that has reached an unprecedented level of quality that we hope will help even more people to engage with and benefit from the capabilities of virtual reality.

Everyday Inclusion

You can read more about Everyday Inclusion on our partner wiki here, or try the demo modified for running at home below.

Recognition in the press