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Everyday Inclusion

This is a three-part VR blended learning course exploring Unconscious Bias, Inclusion, Microagressions and Intersectionality. Everyday Inclusion has been co-designed with Diversity and Inclusion experts at an Ivy League University. Read more about the project here.

Unpacking Bias

Unpacking Bias is an immersive journey focused on Bias and Inclusion, remotely delivered and closely co-designed with employees using real, lived experiences to ensure authentic and realistic responses and interventions. Read more about the project, here.

Mixed Reality Photos

Mixed Reality is a virtual reality technique for capturing people in virtual reality. Here we have photos of people using our virtual reality experiences.

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Equal Reality Users

At Equal Reality we are proud to boast a diverse community of people using our training in a diverse array of locations and environments.

Photos of people in equal reality experiences and their reactions.

Vertical Photos
Horizontal Photos
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