Topics of LGBT Discrimination in customer service.

Partnering with a world leading bank to drive increased empathy and employee engagement, while testing the efficacy of VR to increase know-how, promote personal accountability, and create behavior change at one of the world’s leading banks.

  • 99.2% of 161 participants understood how it felt to receive discrimination.

  • 96% felt prepared to act if they were to see this behavior in the workplace.

  • Over 99% understand the reporting options available to them.

Exclusionary behavior and abusing positions of power

Collaborating with Domain Group and mwah. to scale transformational culture change, countrywide, across a portfolio of brands. Power and Exclusion was developed to give a shared experience at every level of an organization towards understanding the importance of diversity and inclusion, and being able to act on it.

98% Understand their personal role to play in D&I

93% See Domain’s Executive Leadership Team as fully committed to D&I

89% Confident to play a role in ensuring an inclusive culture

How to have a conversation around poor performance.

Designed in Collaboration with Port Macquarie Hastings Council, a Benchmark Awards Finalist 2019.

Experience a harsh review from your manager, and then replay the situation as the manager.

Practice reviewing your staff. How can you change your language to affect better outcomes in your staff?

"I don't think role plays will ever cut it again in this space. Participants able to empathise and discuss the experiences ... with detail that just wouldn't be possible without actually experiencing it themselves." ~ Nic Barry- Digital Learning & Organisational Capability, Domain Group

Halcyon, the DC based Social Impact Incubator funded our move to the US, and assisted the growth of our client based, where we really started accelerating, including Amazon, Booz Allen, NSW Police, PWC & 45 other world leading companies.

We started off building custom applications for every client, help us understand their solutions and make sure we are making good solutions to them,.