Installing with SideQuest

This guide shows you how to install an application on your Oculus Quest using SideQuest, from a PC or Mac.

These steps may need to be followed for each application you wish to install , or update on your Oculus Quest

Install an app onto your Quest through SideQuest

  1. Make sure you have downloaded the *.apk for the application you are trying to download
  2. Plug in your Oculus Quest to your computer. Connect your headset to your pc via your USB-C cable. The long black charging cable should work for this. If you are having issues connecting your headset, see this troubleshooting page
  3. Open SideQuest
  4. Click Install APK from folder

4. Select the *.apk file

5. Wait for it to install, you can watch the progress by clicking the pink '1'

When the pink install bar turns green, the application is installed

How to launch

Just 4 clicks to launch the app!

  1. Home
  2. Library
  3. Unknown Sources
  4. Run your app! (Library - Gender and Disability CS0.28)

on behalf of the Equal Reality Team and Community

Happy Questing!