In 2020, we completely revolutionized our character graphics pipeline for realistic and lively human characters. We adapted our training to be work-from-home friendly for a new post-pandemic world. We start focusing on a few key clients around the BLM movement.

Unpacking Bias is an immersive journey focused on Bias and Inclusion, remotely delivered and closely co-designed with employees using real, lived experiences to ensure authentic and realistic responses and interventions.

Everyday Inclusion is an application co-designed with Cornell University's Diversity & Inclusion Department, & Cornell University's Interactive Theater Team, lead by Angela Winfield and Dane Cruz. The VR experience addresses the topic of Unconscious Bias, Intersectionality, including themes of Race and Gender.

Performance Discussions

While doing this, we cut back the number of custom builds to focus on our most important project yet. Cornell, an international leader in D&I, engaged us to co-design VR training together.

Working directly with leaders of their interactive theatre team, and Department of Diversity & Inclusion. They scripted an application for everyday inclusion for gender and race bias.

We have started testing this application with Booz Allen & PWC. Cornell is beginning research in March, and will begin internal role outs in April.

With this new application, we took all our learnings from our past experience with the library and custom clients to apply to a new product line.

Virtual Reality Workshops - In a box.

Using the new Everyday Inclusion app, co-designed with Cornell University. We are packaging together everything you need to run a workshop, with a focus on content & material around the VR experience and support.

It is designed for conferences, internal & external workshops, D&I weeks and training integration, with options for access to our highly selective partner network of world leading D&I training who we have training on the use of VR.

We are also currently working on a complete learning program. Designed to roll out training in multiple locations, scale internationally with large teams or for small teams.

The training will utilize our VR technology and expertise on how to best utilize the technology, as well as content address key issues man companies, and room for customization.

To be run over weeks or months. And like our VR Workshop Product, it will have a large focus on support.