Power & Exclusion

Collaborating with Domain Group and mwah. to scale transformational culture change, countrywide, across a portfolio of brands. Power and Exclusion was developed to give a shared experience at every level of an organization towards understanding the importance of diversity and inclusion, and being able to act on it.

"I don't think role plays will ever cut it again in this space. Participants able to empathise and discuss the experiences ... with detail that just wouldn't be possible without actually experiencing it themselves." ~ Nic Barry- Digital Learning & Organisational Capability, Domain Group

"They jump back, step away, they gasp, they try to find their voice, they ask to be included, and when dismissed, they physically shrink.And when they can’t do any of those things – the learning sticks and the real conversations begins." ~ Rhonda Brighton-Hall, CEO - MWAH. Making Work Absolutely Human

Embed a culture across a country


Domain wants to embed inclusion into their culture for over 700 employees across the country - and fast.


A collection of VR experiences designed to promote inclusive leadership and increase awareness of what it feels like to lack privilege and power.

The Result

780 people trained using 2 headsets.

98% Understand their personal role to play in D&I

93% See Domain’s Executive Leadership Team as fully committed to D&I

89% Confident to play a role in ensuring an inclusive culture

The Virtual Reality

Power in the Workplace

Step into the shoes of Martha. You are an account manager, who is due to discuss quarterly business priorities with your manager. Experience a one-sided workplace conversation, in which your manager is abusing both his position, as well as his physical dominance.

Explore what it feels like to be spoken down to and to berated in the workplace in front of your colleagues. How does it feel when your manager towers over you and refuses to listen to what you have to say?

This scenario explores how the following biases intersect with power dynamics in an office environment:


Belittling language

Physical proximity

Minimizing behavior

Public display of disappointment

Lack of support

Exclusion in the workplace

Step into the shoes of John, to discuss business priorities with your manager and colleagues. Your co-workers will take control of the conversation, taking charge of tasks assigned to you, and overriding your quieter nature. Although your manager sees what is happening, she does not address the situation.

Explore what it feels like to be excluded in the workplace by your colleagues. How does it feel when your manager ignores this exclusion and rewards your colleagues rather than dealing with it.

This scenario explores how the following biases intersect with exclusionary practices in an office environment:


Lack of leadership

Minimizing behavior

Hot desk exclusion

Lack of support

Boys club mentality

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