Introverts & Extroverts

Introverts & Extroverts designed in collaboration with Carlton United Breweries (CUB), is part of the multi-award winning learning and development program We're All In, featuring two VR applications.

  • Introverts & Extroverts

  • In Groups & Out Groups

Both focused on the topic of Inclusion, each focused on a unique set of key biases.

Introverts & Extroverts has three parts:

  1. An empathy experience in which the player finds themselves in the shoes of Mark, an introverted man struggling to be heard amongst the extroverts on his team.

  2. An empathy experience in which the player witnesses Mark call home to express his concerns and frustrations.

  3. A behavior practice module that allows the player to step into a leadership position and rehearse being proactively inclusive.

  4. A reflection scene in which the player is given space to reflect on the experience.

Empathy as an Introvert

Step into the shoes of the Mark. You are a regional sales director, meeting with your team to discuss hiring for an upcoming marketing project. In this scene, you will experience what it is like to be an introvert, struggling to be heard among a team of extroverts.

Explore what it feels like to be marginalized - to struggle to have your voice heard and your contributions acknowledged. How does it feel when your teammates witness and participate in biased behavior without acknowledgement or awareness?

Explore how the following biases intersect in a formal team meeting environment:

Key Biases

  • Bias towards Extroverts

  • Similarity Bias

  • Perceived Contribution

Behavior Practice

Step into the shoes of Rick. The manager of the sales team, tasked with running a team meeting with Mark and some other Colleagues.

Practice how you can make everyone on your team feel heard. How can you make the meeting more inclusive?