Roy Dadivas



Roy is an all-around computer graphics artist with more than a decade of experience working in films, documentaries, TV shows and commercials.

He started learning 3D at a young age of 8 and is largely influenced by his parents who work in film making and developing creative content.

He is extremely proficient in 3D Animation, Motion Graphics and Visual Effects and has worked as a CG supervisor in numerous production houses in the Philippines.

His works have been nominated and have won local prestigious awards including Best Visual Effects and Best Animation.

Outside his professional career, Roy treats the every moment as an opportunity to invest in new skills and considers himself an aggressive learner.

Being an artist by heart, he possesses a huge passion for music and languages. He is an aspiring polyglot and has taken various language classes including French, Korean and Vietnamese.

He believes that learning languages is the bridge to understanding and appreciating different cultures around the globe.

Roy is also a multi-instrumentalist who uses music as an outlet for creative expression. His love for classical music has brought him opportunities to participate in string quartets and orchestral gigs as a violinist and a cellist.