Samantha Karlin

Partnerships & Training US & EU



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Samantha Karlin is a trainer, facilitator and speaker specializing in gender issues and diversity and inclusion. She is the founder of Empower Global, a gender consulting firm that consults organizations on how to better recruit, retain, and empower women and minorities. She also designs bespoke workshops around male allyship, unconscious bias, public speaking, and women's empowerment.

She has spoken and run workshops all over the world, from Bosnia to Peru to India to Spain. This year she will be giving her first TedX talk.

She excels at managing teams and strategizing new cross sector and cross organizational initiatives, frequently spearheading strategic partnerships, acting as a spokesperson, and organizing collaborative convenings to foster community building and systems change.

Her academic background focused on foreign policy, diplomacy, and gender analysis, with a Master of Arts from The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. She has also studied at the Harvard Kennedy School, the Harvard School of Education, Yale University, and Cornell University. She is a trained mediator and has worked on two presidential campaigns.

Ms. Karlin is also the part- time director of the Canavan Research Foundation, which works to cure pediatric genetic brain diseases.