Simon Lowe

Strategic Partnership Adviser



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Simone Lowe is Equal Reality's Partnerships and Business Solutions Advisor.

As a leading key figure behind Australia's recent ageing movement, Simon is a Serial Entrepreneur in the Ageing Space. He has serval hi-impact technology and community based companies under his belt from carer technology, mission drive mobile games, to community events & conferences.

As the Co-Founder of The Ageing Revolution, he has built a profit-for-purpose company that works with a ground up strengths based approach. They aim to create trans-formative change, develop better services and products and engage ageing as a beneficial part of the community. Undertaking work for National Seniors and the Queensland Government as well as developing technology solutions that are centred around the needs of the individual.

Simon is a lecturer at Queensland University of Technology in strategic partnerships.

Simons creates partnerships and solutions that make profound impact on the lives of those it touches for their mental health and well-being. His technology's , partnerships and solutions ranging from large scale partnership programs, to mission driven mobile games & successful care focused application m

Simon's career has seen him become is an alumni of the highly regarded Remarkable Inclusive Technology Accelerator Program, in Social Impact Entrepreneurship for Inclusive Technology for people with Disabilities. He also has a degree in Physics and has worked for some of the biggest brands in Australia, and NSW State Government.

Simon is committed to changing the paradigm, view and experience of ageing in Australia. A leading authorities in building thriving partnerships between companies, government, community organisations and the public. And has extensive knowledge in designing loyalty/rewards programs and am looking to use all these skills to change the way we view and service an ageing population.