A Seat at the Table

A Meeting Among Peers

Scene 1

Step into the shoes of Kyra. A high performing product manager who has shipped several successful products, and recently returned from maternity leave.

The user begins in a group discussion with peers, talking about the company outing. The user makes a suggestion of where they could go, and its quickly discovered that the decision has already been made, while they were out bike riding with their manager. At the end of the conversation, its casually mentioned that one of their peers is going to be groomed for Director of Product Engineering

Where the outing happened and what decision was made is not important to the plot. The relevant issue is that a decision is made while the main character was not present- potentially in a social situation she could not have joined. (Like going to a bar, if she was breastfeeding and couldn’t drink alcohol.)

Key Objectives

    • Exclusion on Company decisions

    • The feeling of powerlessness